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The minimum tackle participant play, per game, is based on the eligible players at the time of certification
of the team prior to the start of the game and is as follows:


Jr. Pee Wee thru Midget:

16-25 players - 10 plays 

26-30 players - 8 plays 

31-35 players - 6 plays 


Mitey Mites ONLY:
16-25 players - 12 plays
26-30 players - 10 plays
31-35 players - 8 plays

Palos Verdes Youth Football and Cheer has an established vacation policy:

  1. Attendance at August practice is MANDATORY, unless excused by the Head Coach (preferably in writing).
  2. Unexcused absences at practice in excess of three may cause the player to be dropped from the team.
  3. Attendance at football games is MANDATORY. Unexcused absences for more than two games will cause
    the participant to be dropped from the team.
  4. Academic school functions have priority over PV Football practice or games. No participant shall be penalized
    in any form for participation in school‐sponsored events. (Cotillion is NOT an academic school‐sponsored event.)

Families that are planning August vacations should elect NOT to participate in our program.

To the individual, this may seem demanding.  However, when the team works as a unit and when the team counts on every
participant to be there and ready to participate, it is the fairness to the regular attendee that tips the scales. Due to the safety
of ALL our participants, please give due consideration to your level of commitment, for the benefit of your child as well as the rest of the team.

The weight and age chart for the football program is in the table below.  The age of the participant on 31 July of Playing
Year is the reference age for this chart. 

The SCC requires that players be slotted in the lowest possible division, based on age and weight.  Special dispensation from the
Board is required for a younger player to participate in a higher division. (It is generally not approved as a younger player that
participates in age  levels above their nominal age are at a significant disadvantage with respect to playing time and skill levels.)

Each football player receives an additional allowance of one pound every two weeks, as the season progresses, through a
maximum of 4 pounds for the total season.  On certification day, all players must make the weight of the division they are playing.
  Once that weight is met, the allowance is added every two weeks.


Click  to view official POP Warner Age/Weight Matrix



Tackle Football $400 Registration for 2019, First time MiteyMite Football $300 (Early Bird registration from March 1st - March 31st deduct $25)
Tackle Football Deposit $350 Equipment Deposit 
(Check held pending equipment return)

League uniform jersey (practice and game), pants and belt, shoulder pads, helmet, pads set (to be returned at the end-of-season),
pictures and, Game day Program. Registration fees offset the costs including, but not limited to, insurance, uniform reconditioning,
practice and game day fields, referees and, EMT costs for season, etc.

No requests due to carpooling, friends, etc. are accepted for placement or movement between teams or squads. 
The placement of participants is solely at the discretion of the Association.

Cancellation Fees:

March-June: $50 cancellation fee, balance returned. 

July: $100 cancellation fee, balance returned


All refund requests MUST be EMAILED to : PVYFCMavericks@gmail.com