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Palos Verdes Youth Football & Cheer requires ALL participants, parents, and volunteers to abide by a Code of Conduct when at games, competitions, practices. All members of PVYF&C are considered ambassadors of our league/program, which we hold in high regard. The actions of our members directly reflect our league's character. We strongly encourage all our members to be their best selves when on and off the field of play.


  • In order to uphold the goals of PVYF&C Pop Warner and ensure that all participants have the benefit of a safe and fun learning environment, all parents, guardians and other adults and attendees of Pop Warner events, including but not limited to practices, competitions, and banquets, must behave accordingly in a respectful, courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times.
  • Any adult who is using alcohol, tobacco or non-prescriptive drugs and/or appears intoxicated at a Pop Warner even, and/or who is flagrantly rude, attempts to intimidate, verbally abusive, heckles, taunts, ridicules boos throws objects and/or uses vulgarity or profane language/gestures with an official, coach, volunteer, staff member, participant or other attendee, will receive a verbal warning and be asked to leave a Pop Warner event.  
  • An adult who is ejected from the game will receive an automatic one week suspension from practice, including the following game. Any adult who commits one of the above stated offenses a second time, will be banned from any and all Pop Warner  events for a period of one year from the date of the second offense, and their children may also be removed from the program(s) for that period of time. 
  • Any adult who physically assaults an official, coach, volunteer staff member or participant or threatens grave bodily harm may be banned from any and all Pop Warner events for one year from the date of the offense, and their children may also be removed from any and all Pop Warner programs for the same time period. 
  • After the ban has expired if the individual commits another offense of the adult code of conduct, the individual will be permanently banned from any and all Pop Warner events and the individual's children may also be permanently removed form any and all Pop Warner programs.



  • EJECTION FROM GAME - Automatic one week suspension from practice, including the following game.
  • RUN-UP SCORE - Probation unless found to be intentional, then suspension for 1 week.
  • ENDANGERMENT OF JUVENILES - Suspension for 1 year.
  • FIGHTING - Suspension for 1 year.
  • CHEATING - Suspension for 1 year.
  • THREATS - Suspension for 1 year.
  • GAMBLING ON GAME OUTCOME - Suspension for 1 year. 
  • LACK OF COOPERATION/ OBSTRUCTION - Suspension until compliance is achieved.



Fighting, intimidation, or disrespect for authority shall be cause for ejection from a game/competition. Any player/spirit participant ejected from any game/competition for cause shall be ineligible for participation in their next game/competition. A second ejection during the same season shall be cause for removal from the team for the balance of that season. Any participant charged with criminal activity may be removed to ensure the safety of other participants.






Any incident at a field must be reported to the Conference by the Association. If they penalty for the incident is being challenged then an appeal may be submitted to the Conference through PVYF&C's Athletic Director and/or President. There is a definitive "chain of command". Only those appeals following the appeals process will be considered. All appeals should be made in written email form.